Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Gift for Webby

Guess what gift I received today?

Eery Close Up Shot?
A Little Boy to Perch Upon?

Nah, none of these things (but if you click on the captions you can see the Webby Posts where these pictures are featured). 

I received my very own email address!  That's right, now you can email me your thoughts, questions, answers, ideas, stories, memories, pictures, artwork, riddles, and puzzles to this new and easy to remember address:

I check my email everyday: you can expect me to either send you a reply or share your content on my blog for other readers to see. 

How about I leave you a question to answer?  Send me your answers to my new email address for a chance to appear on my blog!
If you could have any piece of Shelburne Museum's collection as a gift, what would it be?
I'll give you my answer in the next update.  Let me know what you think!

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