Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's Your Favorite Part of Shelburne Museum?

When I woke up this morning, I couldn't stop thinking about just how humungous Shelburne Museum is! Did you know this place has 37 buildings, 11 shuttle stops, 6 restrooms, 4 demonstration sites, 20 gardens, and a collection of 150,000 different objects

How can anyone enjoy a place that is just so big? I was so bothered by the question that I soared around the grounds and asked visitors:   "What is your favorite building or object to see at Shelburne Museum?"  I found these boys and girls enjoying the grounds who knew just what to say.

"I like the Settlers' House because it's cool to see what humans did before we invented what we have today."
                                                                        - Natalie

"I like the Settlers' House because the objects in there are well preserved."
                                                                         - Linden

"The robots!
[Part of Webb Gallery's Time Machines: Rockets, Robots, and Steampunk Exhibit
I saw some of my favorite characters from Star Wars." 
- Anders

"Beach Lodge - it just makes you think about all the amazing and beautiful creatures of the world that have been hunted."
                                                                         - Toby

From left to right: Isaac, Noam, and Elia
"The trains in the Toy Shop." 
                - Isaac

"The jail, because I like police officers."
- Noam

                                                              "The Carousel!"
                                                                       - Elia

Alexiane (right), Rébécca (left)
"Horseshoe Barn - I like all things horses!"

"I liked the railroad because the car was really nice inside."
                                                                                                                                    - Rébécca

Thanks boys and girls!  Shelburne Museum is a fun place for everybody, because some buildings and objects can connect us to the things we enjoy from our everyday lives, while others make us wonder about what life was like in the past.  There really is something for everybody!

How about you - what's your favorite part of Shelburne Museum?  Email me your answer at for a chance to see it on my blog!


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