Monday, December 10, 2012

What's Wrong with this Picture? REVISITED

In last week's post, I presented a picture of George Henry Durrie's painting, "Winter in the Country."
I then posted a second copy of the painting, but it didn't look quite the same.
That's because I changed the picture in ten different ways.  Were you able to compare the two pictures and find all ten changes last week?  Scroll down to see the answers!  Is this your first time seeing this puzzle?  Click here to try out the puzzle before seeing the answers.
Did you find all ten changes?  Let's find out:

1.)  The house is blue.

2.) The house is missing its second chimney.

3.) A star found its way to the bottom right hand corner.

4.) And a rock plopped down by the pond at the bottom left hand corner.

5.)  A black bird soars the sky in the upper right corner.

6.)  A strange dog keeps guard on the barn roof.

7.)  That's no strange dog!  It is the same dog 
that was standing in front of the blue house.  It's now missing.

8.)  The man carrying the large bale of hay
is walking in the opposite direction.

9.)  The shed's second floor door is open.

10.)  And the man steering the oxen has gone missing!

I hope you had fun with my little puzzle.  If you could change one thing about this painting, what would it be?  Post your comment down below or email me at

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