Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Day of the Ducks!

This past Tuesday, I was so excited to participate in Art Safari -- Shelburne Museum's monthly program of fun for preschoolers and adults!  Actually, it was more like they came to visit me at my home, the Duck Pond. 

While sitting in the shade of the old willow tree, my friend Angela helped the group write a story about me swimming in the Duck Pond. They graciously allowed me to post it on my blog for all of you to see!

Art Safari's Webby Tale:

One day, Webby was waddling along the side of the Duck Pond when -- suddenly -- he saw a giant fish.  He only saw the fish for 2 seconds and then the fish disappeared.  The fish left behind 5 rings on the surface of the water.  The duck kept looking for the fish.  As the duck looked for the fish, he was swimming around the pond and ran into a squirrel.  So he ran away because it's so hard to catch one!  He felt tired.  Then, he heard a squawk and it was a birdie.  The bird was a cardinal.  "Squawk, squawk," he said.  "Those rings are for going through."  In the end, the duck made friends with a goose.

When I heard the story, I instantly pictured the giant fish to be my friend Paige's creation, Ms. Fishah! What do you imagine the fish looks like?

The duck celebration continued on later in the morning when Paige read one of my favorite books, Super Duck by Jez Alborough, to me and guests at Owl Cottage.  I am sad that this was my last Storytime with Webby of the season, but kids and I enjoyed hearing this page turner of a book involving an inventive goat, a frog in serious peril, and of course, one amazingly brave Super Duck.  You can find this delightful and action-packed tale at Owl Cottage for the remainder of Shelburne Museum's season! 

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