Thursday, September 13, 2012

Family Photobooth Fun!

I love it when people have a blast during their first visit to Shelburne Museum.  I got an email a couple of days ago from this family from Prevost, Quebec, Canada:


We are Quebecers and were at your museum for the first time yesterday and totally enjoyed our day spent there!  Our 9-yr-old son said it was the best museum he ever visited (and we did quite a few!).  Among other things, we had a fun time taking pictures in the steampunk and space photo booths and wanted to send them to you...Our son didn't want to dress up, but his sister and both parents had a great time doing it (while our son took the pictures...).

I hope you all enjoy these pictures of Sophie, Luc and Florence (with Etienne behind the camera)!

Show me pictures of your time in the photobooths of Webb Gallery's Timemachines: Rockets, Robots, and Steampunk show! This exhibit is open until October 29.   Email your pictures to for a chance to see them on my blog! 


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