Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stamping My Passport

Webby here!

On Wednesday I took a stroll around the grounds and made lots of new friends. Fourth graders from the East Montpelier School were at Shelburne Museum for Passport to Learning, our interactive workshops for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade. 

Hanging out with (L to R) Luke, Dylan, Arianna, and Jordan
I asked them about their favorite part of the day. Luke and Jordan loved testing brains versus brawn while using pulley systems to load cargo on the Ticonderoga. Caroline and Carmen agreed that playing judge at the Castleton Jail was fun, especially when their group "got to act out the skits." Claire told me that she shopped till she dropped at the General Store.
Here I am with (L to R) Caroline, Claire, Peyton, and Carmen
I stopped for awhile with one group to test out a new contra dancing workshop at the Settlers' Barn. It was a blast! I learned how to swing my partner and do si do.
Have you ever come to the Museum with your school? What was your favorite spot? Leave me a comment to let me know!


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