Friday, July 20, 2012

Webby's I Spy Challenge!

 I Spy with my little eye…a brown duck with a green head and a yellow beak.

Quack Quack! I spent the day trying to find the best hiding place on Shelburne Museum's grounds. Try to see if you can spot me in the following pictures.  Are you good at hiding too?  Then take part in my I Spy challenge!  Send me pictures of you undercover to:  My readers and I will try our best to spot you in the picture.  Good luck!

 These campers were studying so hard in the classroom that they didn't see me sneak in!

I love hiding in the Dutton House garden! Can you find me? Here’s a hint: I love tomatoes! 

Can you find me among my decoy friends as we hang out at  Dorset House? 


This one is tricky, so here is a hint: I like high places. I love this picture of me in the General Store because there are so many objects to see!  Let's play I Spy again using the same picture.  Using the picture above, locate the object that this clue is hinting at: "I spy with my little eye: five little pins standing neat in a row." Can you find the pins?

Now it's your turn to create a clue for this picture.  Make sure it helps readers to locate one item in this picture. Email me your clue and I'll try to solve it here on the blog!

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  1. I especially like Dorset House; sometimes the best way to hide is to be conspicuous!