Friday, June 8, 2012

Did You Find Me?

Thanks to Monica for guessing where I was hiding this week. Were you able to figure it out? I was hiding in Owl Cottage!  The picture I posted earlier this week was none other than one of the owl statues guarding the Owl Cottage entrance. 

I had so much fun hanging out at Owl Cottage this week!  While I wasn't playing with the toys or catching up on my reading, I was preparing brand new Dive In cards for the space!  At Owl Cottage, you can use my cards to explore the Museum's fantastic gardens, investigate five historic kitchens, or just see how closely all the toys connect to Shelburne Museum's huge collection.  What will interest you?  Look for my Owl Cottage Dive In cards next week!

For now, take a look at some of the great pictures I found in Owl Cottage's craft room.  They were made by some really creative kids! 

Would you like your art to be displayed on my blog? Send me a picture of your artwork to and I will post it on my blog for everyone to see.  Don't forget to put your name on it!

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